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Winning from the flip of the coin

Media outlets across the country have been speaking on the uncanny fact that the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to lose the coin toss this season, but what does it mean?

At certain times this season, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs look as though they could win at anything. From Fortnite to Monopoly, darts to horseshoes, the Chiefs are unstoppable.

In fact, time has been public enemy number one so far for the Chiefs. Had Mahomes and company gotten the ball back, they might have been able to defeat Brady and his acolytes. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

All the winning starts at the coin toss. For nine straight weeks, the Chiefs have won the flip. This leaves many wondering if it’s really a big deal, or just a reason to publish an article.

The answer is yes to both.

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Yes, it’s a big deal because it gives the Chiefs the upper hand before the opening kickoff. Not in the same way that, home field advantage gives a team the upper hand, but more that the Chiefs can begin to dictate how the game is going to go from the outset.

What’s interesting is that the Chiefs still aren’t near the longest coin flip streak, according to The Washington Post. The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions have both had 14 game streaks of winning the toss. The Carolina Panthers hold a record 13 straight games of losing the toss.

What the toss shows me is that everything is going Kansas City’s way in 2018. Every Super Bowl run has had some weird quirk during the season. Each title run comes with its own “sun shines on a dog’s rear end” moment.

In all fairness, the Chiefs have had plenty of seasons where nothing went right for them. So forgive the media and the fans for making a bigger deal than probably needed about a statistic nobody will remember years to come.

It is quite a feat though, the Chiefs have either won every flip or the opponent has lost it—nine times in a row or thirteen if you go back to preseason. The players are having fun with it. Mahomes talked about it after practice.

It’s one of the most nervous points of the whole game for me right now. It’s kind of a running joke. I don’t think there’s any pressure. Whatever happens, happens. At the same time, everyone knows the coin toss thing is going.

Andy Reid had a few jabs at the coin toss, too.

If one goes the other way, then you’ve got to be ready to go. Can’t have like a letdown or something.

Now, obviously, like the moments after a commentator mentions how a kicker has yet to miss, the Chiefs will lose the coin toss on Sunday, and this whole fascination with heads and tails will be over.

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The 2018 season has been special— so special, in fact, even the coin toss becomes relevant.

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