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Travis Kelce buys teammates Versace robes

A few lucky Chiefs players were greeted with a nice surprise on Friday from teammate Travis Kelce, who bought the team’s quarterbacks and tight ends Versace robes as a holiday gift.

The robes sell for around $595 a piece, and Kelce was as excited to give them as the lucky recipients were to receive them. “I was pretty pumped about that,” Kelce told reporters, per the Kansas City Star. “That was probably the best gift I’ve given in a long time.” 

Kelce also talked a bit Friday about one the best gifts he ever received — a particular pair of sneakers that he was given by his girlfriend. Kelce had already purchased a pair, being a big fan of sneakers, but he was thrilled that his girlfriend bought him another pair that actually fit.

“Probably a pair of the sneaker of the year, last year or two years ago,” Kelce said. “I’m a big sneakerhead, so the sneaker of the year last year, my lady got it for me in my size. I had it in a size smaller because I wanted it that bad. Sure enough, she found it in my size and I was pretty ecstatic about that.”

Kelce and the Chiefs would love to have at least one more gift before Christmas arrives — a win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night. It’s a big game for the Chiefs, who can wrap up the AFC West with a win over the Seahawks and a Chargers loss to Baltimore, and it could also be a significant night for Kelce in terms of individual accomplishment. With 1,220 yards on the season, Kelce is 107 shy of matching Rob Gronkowski’s single-season record (1,327 in 2011) for receiving yards by a tight end, plus he needs nine more catches to match Tony Gonzalez’s team record for receptions in a season. It’ll be an honor for Kelce if he’s able to pass the mark of Gonzalez, who was enshrined into the Chiefs Ring of Honor at halftime of the Chargers game last Thursday.

“I told him last week, ‘I’m going to go out here and play for you, man,’” Kelce said. “What that guy’s done for not only my career but a lot of guys in my shoes playing the game now — Tony, he set the bar, not only in terms of on the field stuff. The work ethic, man, the stuff you hear around this facility, around this city about what he’s done for this community and for the teams that he was on, everyone loved playing for him because he was a hard worker. You always knew he was going to be accountable. Hearing that as a young guy and trying to fill those shoes, still an ongoing process. I don’t know if I can catch 88 but I know it’s been an absolute honor playing in his shadow.”

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