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Trading for Jalen Ramsey would make no sense

The Kansas City Chiefs need help in their secondary and the Jaguars reportedly plan to shop cornerback Jalen Ramsey this offseason. The Chiefs going after him probably isn’t the best idea.

Before I dive in, let me start by saying I haven’t seen any rumors linking the Kansas City Chiefs to Jalen Ramsey. This is purely a speculative piece.

Over the weekend, there were reports surfacing about the Jacksonville Jaguars considering shopping their All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey when the 2018 season wraps up. The Jaguars obviously aren’t having the kind of season they expected after making it to the AFC Championship Game last year and they might be looking to cut bait now.

While Ramsey is a tremendous ball player, I don’t see the Kansas City Chiefs being a fit for the Jags corner. For one, the guy is a talker. Before the season began, he did an interview with GQ where he talked about nearly all of the quarterbacks in the league. A lot of it was trash talking.

Prior to playing the Chiefs, Ramsey was trashing Tyreek Hill, saying he was only a specialist and not giving him credit as a wide receiver. Ramsey’s been a bit quieter lately, but that’s probably because his team has lost six straight games now. It’s more difficult to talk smack when you’re losing.

The Chiefs traded Marcus Peters for “being dramatic” and talking too much and Ramsey is guilty of doing much of the same stuff, and almost more so. Ramsey is the better player between the two, but the guy doesn’t know when to shut up and for a team like the Chiefs, that’s not something they want in the locker room.

This defense is young, but they’ve shown improvements this year. Bringing in a loud mouth like Ramsey might disrupt what this defense has created.

Ramsey also wouldn’t come cheap, as he’s only in his third year in the league, and therefore would have a minimum of one year remaining on his contract. The fifth year option would likely be picked up wherever he wound up.

Don’t get me wrong, Jalen Ramsey is an amazing player and he’d be a great defensive option for the Chiefs secondary. My point is that the cost of acquiring him mixed in with him running his mouth might not be worth the Chiefs’ while.

Also, as we’ve learned with the Peters trade, normally a talented player is traded for a reason. If the Jaguars are wanting to ship Ramsey elsewhere, there’s probably a good reason as to why. Though, if the tweet from Adam Schefter above is indeed true, then we might not have to continue discussing this.

The Chiefs can spend one of their early round picks on a cornerback and go from there. This defense has been improving and that’s obviously important with how lights out the offense is playing.

Would you want the Kansas City Chiefs to trade for Jalen Ramsey even if it meant there would be constant drama surrounding the team?

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