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Sweet “promposal” latest sign of Mahomes-mania for Chiefs QB

If you’re like us and maybe some days you want to think about something sweet and reassuring in this hard world, we present CeeCee Campbell, the Raymore-Peculiar High School student who on Monday asked Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes to prom through a video rapidly going viral.

“My mom actually sent it to me,” Mahomes said, smiling, calling it “awesome to see her and all the things she’s done (in) the community and the classroom.

“We will see when April comes around if we can make it happen.”

When CeeCee, 17, saw video of his response, as she put it, she “freaked out!!! I was so happy and screamed so loud, the librarian from downstairs had to call the office upstairs to tell me to quiet down.”

There are many reasons this might not work out, of course, including the chaos that could be unleashed with the burgeoning NFL superstar at the Ray-Pec prom and ramifications of the precedent it might set.

But … wouldn’t it make you melt if it does?

Even if there isn’t a way, Mahomes’ eager-to-please gesture has resonated deeply with CeeCee, who was born with arthrogryposis, a disease of newborns that in her case means what she calls “limited mobility from the neck down.”

“So don’t worry,” she adds in the video asking Mahomes to “tackle prom” with her, “I’ll keep my hands to myself.”

This is an enduring and endearing spirit, especially considering her father left before she was born and doctors told her mother she wouldn’t live past a week after coming out of the hospital.

CeeCee Campbell

CeeCee Campbell, a 17-year-old student at Raymore-Peculiar High School, posted a video on Facebook asking Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes if he would go to prom with her.

Courtesy of CeeCee Campbell

She is forever grateful that her mother, Crystal, works so hard to take care of all her needs and that her grandmother, a retired nurse, helps take care of her when she has no home health nurse.

And for all she does have.

“Here I am….living my best life,” she said in an interview via Facebook messenger typed by school nurse paraprofessional Jerica Williams. “Though I have many challenges, I feel like it helps build me as a person and helps me appreciate each day, since, by medical standards, I’m not supposed to be here.

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“There have been times that I’ve let my condition get me down, but I always try to remind myself that feeling sorry for myself doesn’t get me anywhere and positivity and going after my dreams is the only way I’m going to be happy in life.”

As for this particular dream?

“I love his personality and everything he does for his community,” she said. “Not only is he an awesome quarterback, he also just seems like a really great guy.”

(In fact, she figures Mahomes is a kindred soul, noting in the video that she is “very involved” in the community, “which I know you are as well.” In her case, she has a LOVE for community service and helping with school fundraisers and recently organized a Teddy bear drive — collecting more than 200 stuffed animals — for charity.)

So she got talking about Mahomes so much that Williams suggested doing the “promposal video.” To which CeeCee said “YES!!!”

Williams organized it and choreographed it, complete with the banner, football, shirt (PATRICK IS MA’HOMIE) and fixing her hair and bringing her “amazing friend, Alex” to do CeeCee’s makeup and hang the banner.

They recorded it on Facebook Live Monday, and as of Wednesday afternoon it had 36,000 views, 962 shares, 285 likes and 169 comments — including others asking her to prom.

“You’re awesome!” she replied to one, adding, “Let’s stay in touch & I’ll let you know what Patrick says!”

Here’s hoping he can find a way to make it happen, or at least meet up sometime with CeeCee, just like he makes so many improbable things work on a football field.

Vahe Gregorian

Vahe Gregorian is a Kansas City Star sports columnist.

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