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Real battle between Chiefs, Colts to unfold on Twitter

When Colts QB Andrew Luck entered the league in 2012 he was a jovial baby-faced rookie. Over the years he’s become a hardened veteran and with that experience his facial hair has changed quite a bit. Many jokes were made about Luck’s neckbeard, but the biggest one of all took a life of it’s own on Twitter.

In 2016, an anonymous Twitter user decided that Luck’s appearance (mainly his facial hair) was close to that of a Civil War officer. Thus, the Captain Andrew Luck parody account was born.

This parody page describes the Colts season, from preparations to gameday events, in the form of old-timey letters written to Luck’s mother. The author of the page puts real-time football situations into the context and era of the Civil War.

This account has persisted and been enjoyed by Colts and NFL fans alike for several seasons. They’ve had dozens of tweets per season in both victory and defeat.

Now that the Chiefs finally have one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, a similar parody account has popped up. This one depicts the letters sent by  Captain Patrick Mahomes II.

Capt. Mahomes is depicted as an artillery officer with a powerful and rangy cannon at his disposal. Of course, this mimics Mahomes’ arm in the NFL, which has been the best in the league in 2018.

As Capt. Luck’s Colts march on Kansas City, which of these two parody pages will emerge victorious this week? You can follow all the latest the tweets from both accounts down below:

Capt. Patrick Mahomes II

Capt. Andrew Luck

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