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Patrick Mahomes asks Whataburger to open in Kansas City

It’s Day 3 of Ketchup Watch, and frankly, it seems we’ve reached the bottom of the bottle on this story, right?

It’s been a surprise to see Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ love of the condiment become a big story this week, both locally and nationally.

On Thursday, Heinz Ketchup even promised to supply Mahomes with a lifetime supply of their product if he throws 57 touchdown passes this season.

The Westport Flea Market saw that offer and wasn’t happy. It tweeted Friday: “Kansas City’s Westport Flea Market takes offense to a Pittsburgh ketchup manufacturer dictating when Patrick Mahomes can receive his ketchup. So beginning today, Patrick Mahomes eats free for life at Westport Flea Market and can enjoy unlimited free ketchup.”

During a news conference Thursday, Mahomes fielded multiple ketchup-related questions and let it be known his favorite is from the Texas-based chain Whataburger.

Guess what happened Friday? Yep, Whataburger offered to send Mahomes a bunch of ketchup and a T-shirt.

Here’s guessing Mahomes will be happy to have a little taste of home in Kansas City. And he’ll probably be equally happy to be done talking ketchup.

Mahomes, however, upped the ante when he responded to Whataburger’s offer. We’ll see if he has the power to pull this off:

A Whataburger in Kansas City? That would be a sweet and tangy ending to this Mahomes/ketchup story.

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