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Missouri Chiefs fan paints 20-foot tall Patrick Mahomes

His eyes aimed toward the Red X store down Northwest Platte Drive, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes stares out from Jeff Parson’s yard in Riverside as if anticipating the next open route.

You’ve seen the face, the mop of curls, Mahomes’ fingers clutching his jersey collar. You just haven’t seen the face this big, painted on plywood 20 feet high and lit up for the holidays.

“I’m just an artist who works the night shift on a loading dock,” said Parson, 50. He lives in the 100-year-old brick house behind the display on a hill above busy Gateway Avenue, where U.S. 69 bends toward Missouri 9.

Night hours allow him to enjoy during the day “a lot of car horns” from southbound motorists.

Those honks are reward enough for Parson — a Chiefs fan (you don’t say?) who, like the drivers below, needed to share with the public his excitement for the playoff-bound team and its wunderkind.

Parson is an old hand at Halloween displays. But for Christmas he wasn’t certain that a Mahomes portrait in exterior enamel — beneath a pair of Chiefs flags — would convey glad tidings to all.

Well, sure it would. Parson knew this was right when, midway through the painting project, Mahomes completed a pass against Denver with his left.

Coming soon: Smaller renderings of tight end Travis Kelce and receiver Tyreek Hill.

And should these Chiefs win the Super Bowl? Parson envisions a plywood replica of the championship trophy that will stand “until I get a summons to take it down.”

He probably needn’t worry, being the nephew of Gov. Mike Parson.

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