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Mahomes won’t miss time for girlfriend’s stepfather’s death

As he left the field at Arrowhead Stadium after another record-setting performance on Sunday, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got heart-wrenching news from coach Andy Reid.

Mahomes rushed out of the stadium without attending his postgame news conference because of what was described as a “family emergency” by Reid. The stepfather of Mahomes’ longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews died following a medical emergency at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Mahomes spoke to the assembled media on Thursday a the team’s practice facility, his first time addressing reporters since Sunday’s win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Before taking questions, Mahomes thanked the media for respecting his and Brittany’s families and his need to get leave immediately after the game.

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“I actually didn’t know about it until after the game,” said Mahomes, who broke the franchise’s single-season touchdown record on Sunday. “Coach Reid actually told me in the tunnel after the game, and it was shocking. He was a great man, and he was a great stepdad for Brittany.”

Mahomes and Reid said that the quarterback would not need to spend time away from the team this week as they prepared to play against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

Matthews, who went to high school in Texas as did Mahomes, returned home to be with family, according to Mahomes.

“I’m still sending my prayers to them,” Mahomes said. “I’ll be here during the week, and be able to see them, hopefully, on Thanksgiving break.”

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Lynn Worthy covers the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL for The Star.

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