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Jordan Lucas shines in midst of safety chaos

One of the unsung moves this preseason for the Kansas City Chiefs was the addition of former Miami Dolphins Jordan Lucas. This move became lost in the shuffle, but it certainly showed itself to be prevalent.

The safety position for the Kansas City Chiefs this year has been in constant turmoil. Between the injury to Daniel Sorensen, the unknown time-table of Eric Berry coming back on the field, the signing of former Chiefs and Falcons safety Ron Parker, the slow development (and recent injury) of rookie Armani Watts, and now the injury to Eric Murray, there has been no truly consistent force in the safety group over the last year, and more so these last few months.

The Chiefs got to the point that Jordan Lucas, a lower safety on their depth chart, played significant snaps this past Sunday and it showed. His Kansas City debut was very good, as he ended the day with four solo tackles, six combined tackles, and an interception that looked like it could be a pick six, but went for 49 yards. He did all of this on 56 snaps.

One of the most important parts of being a safety is not being exposed by the quarterback. Besides that interception, his name was never really called, and when it comes to a safety, that is the mark of a decent to good day.

The one thing to keep in mind is that it was only Blake Bortles he was facing. Blake Bortles has tendencies on the road to really not do well for whatever reason it may be and that definitely helped propel Lucas to having a good day.

Jordan Lucas will be providing more of a consistent force at safety for what looks to be a few weeks. The initial hope was for Lucas to share snaps with rookie Armani Watts for the next few weeks, but Watts is on the injured reserve, so now the new Chiefs safety will have to step up even more.

With a tougher Patriots offense coming up in week six, Lucas might be a bit more exposed, but who knows? Maybe he’ll end up surprising us like the Chiefs defense did as a whole last weekend.

As I just mentioned, the real test for Lucas will come next Sunday night against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Chiefs fans shouldn’t anticipate him playing much man coverage against Sony Michel or Rob Gronkowski, which should make his job a little easier against that offense.

To win this game, Lucas does not need to be great, he just needs to be competent. Based on this last game, he gives the feeling that he can do just that.

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