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Don’t get scammed out of Chiefs tickets

The Kansas City Chiefs might do something they haven’t done in a quarter of a century: win a home game in the postseason. There are more than seventy-five thousands seats up for grabs in Arrowhead stadium for Saturday’s big game.

Buy direct or buy from someone you know and trust. Ticketmaster, might be your best bet.

Ezra Keepper has a real ticket to Saturday’s historic game.

“I’ve been a chief fan since I was seven. I’ve gone to one game a year, since then,” he said.

His family buys their tickets from the website Ticketmaster.

“Make sure you’re buying tickets from a legitimate sources. Look for that h-t-t-p-s. That ‘s’ means secure. If you can’t find it then it’s not a secure website and I wouldn’t trust it,” said Stephanie Garland with the Better Business Bureau.

Bogus tickets are a real problem.

“We’ve had more than three hundred reports last year of people who lost money usually in hundreds of dollars in terms of ticket sales. In a lot of cases, we had one that happened here in Springfield, where somebody lost $114. That’s a ton of money,” said Garland.

Be wary of buying tickets from people off of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. If the price seems to good to be true … well, you know the rest. Don’t fumble. Always double check to see if that seat, really exists.

“The one thing about being a chief’s fan is you learn to deal with disappointment. Hopefully we don’t have to deal with that Saturday,” said Keepper.

You’ll have more protections if you pay with your credit card. Know your refund policy. Parking is $40 or $60 at the gate.

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