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Chiefs QB Mahomes and WR Dieter debate over who wore signature haircut first | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Are two friends and teammates becoming “frenemies” over a hairdo?

A signature hair style is a big deal, so it’s no wonder Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wide receiver Gehrig Dieter both claim they started their dos.

The teammates have a healthy debate about which of them is responsible for the most recognizable haircut in Kansas City.

Mahomes is taking Kansas City by storm, for his skills on the field — and his hair. His cut has inspired a lot of little ones in the metro.

“It’s pretty cool to see kids that get their haircut like me,” Mahomes said back in August.

Dieter has the same cut.

“Don’t tell him, but he started going to the same barber as me right after me,” Mahomes said. “I think he stole the haircut. He said he got it first. But I mean, it’s up for debate for sure.”

And the debate of who had it first is heating up in the locker room.

“Pat just seems to run with the joke that I’ve been going to his barber, but I actually went to the barber first,” Dieter said. “I’ll let him shine since he’s in the limelight all the time.”

FOX4 went to man behind the clippers to seek out the truth. DeJuan Bonds, the owner of Purple Label Barbershop, cuts hair for both players.

“Ever since this battle thing kind of began, I kind of asked myself, ‘Who was the first one to actually see me?'” Bonds said.

He knows more than anyone that a man’s cut is a big deal, so he gets why both want to claim it.

“Dieter, he ended up coming to see one of my other barbers and realized he wasn’t with me,” Bond said. “If you technically want to say who saw me first, it would be Patrick.”

But that doesn’t quite settle the back and forth.

“Dieter did have the mohawk and so did Pat,” Bonds said. “They both came in with the same haircut.”

Did Dieter start it? Is this Mahomes hair or Dieter hair? Dieter said he’s had the curly-top mohawk since 2012.

“Yeah you can look at my Instagram,” Dieter said. “I’ve got pictures back then of me with the same haircut.”

And that’s what we did. Dieter was right. Pictures of him from 2012 reveal the signature haircut. But the squabble continues. Mahomes’ Instagram shows, he rocked the mohawk as a baby.

The jury is still out for these teammates and their matching hair.


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