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Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs linger at No. 4

It’s a new NFL week and that means we have updated power rankings from USA Today. The Chiefs are staying in No. 4 spot for now and that’s okay. It’s not like the Bengals had a top offense or were considered AFC contenders before the Chiefs chopped them down in Arrowhead. Does this thing have a sarcasm font?

Better yet we have a new quip from Nate Davis to get irrationally angry about this week. Check it out:

Things that make you go, “Hmm.” Kansas City has outscored its opponents by 78 points this season, yet outgained them by a mere 14 yards.

Pretty easy answer to this perplexing situation. Chiefs score lots of points, defense goes to prevent coverage, yards ensue. Last time I checked, points scored are more important than yards allowed.

Fact: The 2017 Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles gained 27 less yards and 8 more points than the losing counterpart New England Patriots. There’s nothing to see or “Hmm.” about here.

The Chiefs probably won’t see the top of the power rankings at all this season, that is unless the Rams start losing and the Patriots miraculously start dropping games. Still I find myself wondering how the Chiefs will rank if they complete a sweep of the Broncos in Week 8?

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