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Brett Favre thinks Patrick Mahomes deserves MVP award over Drew Brees

There has been plenty of discussion regarding this year’s MVP race. It appears Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre has given the edge to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes over New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Both players have been at the forefront of the debate thus far. However, Favre said he would pick the up-and-coming Chiefs star over Brees, via TMZ Sports.

“I would say right now, I’d probably have to give it to Mahomes,”

“What Mahomes has done in his first year is incredible.”

Favre’s answer may come as a bit of a surprise. Many would have expected him to go with the savvy veteran over the young upstart. However, it is clear that Favre is thinking with his head and not his heart. Of course, there is certainly plenty of truth to his comments. Mahomes has been nothing short of spectacular throughout the 2018 campaign. His numbers and overall team success speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, Brees has been equally as impressive this season. Contrary to Mahomes, he has managed to escape the clutches of Father Time to put up one of the best seasons of his career. Furthermore, he has also managed to lead the Saints to an impressive overall season.

It will be difficult to determine which player is more deserving since both have enjoyed comparable success. As a result, voters may have to make their decision based on each player’s low points this season. The two losses Kansas City suffered under Mahomes this year were on the road against the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots.

Both teams are considered legitimate Super Bowl contenders and each game was decided by just three points. Brees’ losses came to the lackluster Tampa Bay Buccaneers and suddenly-formidable Dallas Cowboys. The latter of which, seriously hurt his bid for MVP due to an abysmal performance.

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