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Adding D.J. Swearinger not likely scenario

The Kansas City Chiefs could really use D.J. Swearinger, but the chances of them landing the affordable safety aren’t likely. Swearinger will have to make it through waivers first.

The Redskins surprised everyone when they released D.J. Swearinger over the weekend and now Kansas City Chiefs fans are hoping their team can land them the perfect Christmas gift.

Unfortunately, Swearinger becoming a Chief isn’t the easiest of scenarios, as the former Redskins safety would have to clear waivers in order for the Chiefs to put a claim in for him. It’s doubtful he makes it that far down the list.

There have been several reports that Washington parted ways with Swearinger due to his comments about their defensive coordinator.

Let’s say D.J. Swearinger does somehow become available for the Chiefs. He’d instantly upgrade their secondary, that looks abysmal right now and throughout most of the season. The former 2013 second round pick has looked pretty darn good this year.

The Chiefs really only have one solid safety at the moment and that’s Eric Berry, who is still on a snap count at the moment. Jordan Lucas has been okay, but the Chiefs are going to need more help in their secondary if they truly want to play to their number one seed (assuming they do indeed nab it next weekend).

The Chiefs sit near the bottom in almost every defensive category and D.J. Swearinger would instantly make them better. As Field Yates tweeted above, he led his former team in interceptions and pass breakups. He’s also a Pro Bowl level talent, which is something the Kansas City Chiefs are lacking in their secondary.

While it’d be great to have Swearinger join the Chiefs for what’s hopefully a long run, I’m not going to hold my breath on it happening. Teams with worse records will have the right to claim Swearinger before Kansas City and that means a whole lot of teams will have a shot at adding him.

If somehow the Chiefs do put a claim in on D.J. Swearinger and he becomes a member of the team for this stretch, fans would have to feel a little bit better about the Chiefs’ chances next month. Sometimes it only takes a player or two to turn things around and the Chiefs could really use someone like Swearinger in their secondary.

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Do you think the Chiefs could end up landing D.J. Swearinger or should the fans not even get their hopes up?

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