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5 questions and answers about Kansas City Chiefs

We caught up with Charles Goldman of Chiefs Wire this week to preview Monday’s game between the Broncos and Chiefs. Check out our questions and Goldman’s answers below:

You know, Kyle Madson of Niners Wire asked me pretty much the same thing last week. I haven’t really found any glaring weaknesses to Mahomes’ game yet. He’s just not like your average sophomore NFL quarterback.

The one thing I pointed to last week was the fact that he’s scoring too fast. It sounds silly I know, but the Chiefs defense was on the field for 164 snaps in the first two weeks of the season. That’s entirely too much for them and part of the reason why performance on that side of the ball has been poor. It normalized a bit last week against the 49ers, but that is something to keep an eye on, especially given the altitude situation at Mile High.

It’s partially a scheme thing, but also in response to what opposing defenses are giving the Chiefs. Kareem Hunt has a very similar share of the carries to 2017. Teams are loading the box more to stop Hunt and force Mahomes to beat them through the air. So far I’d say it isn’t really a strategy that is working for them.

Sure it’s limiting some of the big gains that Hunt had in 2017 on the ground, but the Chiefs are still winning games. Hunt is seeing a lot more work on short yardage downs and goal-line situations. He’s also a bigger contributor in the passing game than he had been in 2017, which is something the Chiefs planned to combat exactly what’s been happening to start this season.

The media does a pretty good job of staying partial, but the fans are not taking Case Keenum or the Broncos offense seriously at all. I’ve seen constant jabs at Keenum calling him a backup quarterback. I don’t have a short memory like that, Keenum almost beat the Chiefs in his first career start with the Texans in 2013. He hasn’t been great to start the season, but he’s capable of playing better football.

I also am a very big fan of Courtland Sutton from his time at SMU. Royce Freeman and Philip Lindsay are the best running backs the team has had in years. The Broncos definitely have some good pieces on offense, they just need to put it all together.

Absolutely. The most impressive unit for the Chiefs this season might be the offensive line. The past few seasons the left guard spot had been a problem area, but not anymore. Cam Erving has stepped up and taken his game to new heights. He might even be the most improved player on the Chiefs roster this year.

At left tackle, Eric Fisher is performing a lot better now that he doesn’t have to worry about the guy to the right of him. The guy who will face Von Miller all day, Mitchell Schwartz, was signed by the Chiefs because of how he performed against Miller in the past with the Browns. He’s been good in all of the matchups they’ve had since he signed with the Chiefs, but Miller will also find a way to get his.

K.C. is averaging 19 more points per game than the Broncos right now. Before I knew that I planned to go with the Chiefs in a 35-24 victory. Now I’m thinking it’s possible that the Chiefs score over 50 points in this game.

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