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Kansas City Chiefs

2020 NFL Super Bowl odds: KC Chiefs, Patriots, Rams favored

The Chiefs fell one game shy of their first Super Bowl appearance in nearly five decades.

But as quarterback Patrick Mahomes said after receiving the NFL Most Valuable Player award Saturday, the window in Kansas City has just been opened. And it could stay ajar for awhile longer.

The Vegas oddsmakers back his sentiment.

The Chiefs are among the way-too-early favorites to win the 2020 Super Bowl, according to BetOnline. They are listed at 7-to-1 to win their first championship since 1970. That trails only the New England Patriots, who are listed at 6-1. The Patriots defeated the Rams 13-3 in a snooze-fest Super Bowl on Sunday. The Rams are third on the sheet at 8-to-1 for next year’s championship game.

It’s the aforementioned quarterback that has placed the Chiefs in the mix for the foreseeable future. Mahomes threw 50 touchdowns in his first season as a starter and won the MVP honor in a landslide, receiving 41 of the 50 possible first-place votes. The oddsmakers apparently don’t expect any sort of regression in next season.

The top division competition comes from the Los Angeles Chargers, who are 20-to-1 to win it all, the seventh-best odds on the sheet. The Broncos are 80-to-1, and the Raiders are one of four teams at 100-to-1, the longest odds in the league.

The full list:

New England Patriots: 6-to-1

Kansas City Chiefs: 7-to-1

Los Angeles Rams: 8-to-1

New Orleans Saints: 9-to-1

Chicago Bears: 14-to-1

Indianapolis Colts: 14-to-1

Minnesota Vikings: 18-to-1

Green Bay Packers: 18-to-1

Los Angeles Chargers: 20-to-1

Philadelphia Eagles: 20-to-1

Pittsburgh Steelers: 22-to-1

Cleveland Browns: 25-to-1

Dallas Cowboys: 25-to-1

Atlanta Falcons: 28-to-1

Houston Texans: 33-to-1

San Francisco 49ers: 33-to-1

Baltimore Ravens: 33-to-1

Carolina Panthers: 40-to-1

Jacksonville Jaguars: 40-to-1

Seattle Seahawks: 40-to-1

New York Giants: 40-to-1

Tennessee Titans: 50-to-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 66-to-1

Buffalo Bills: 80-to-1

Cincinnati Bengals: 80-to-1

Denver Broncos: 80-to-1

Detroit Lions: 80-to-1

Washington: 80-to-1

Arizona Cardinals: 100-to-1

New York Jets: 100-to-1

Miami Dolphins: 100-to-1

Oakland Raiders: 100-to-1

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